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Do you have any of these Jaguar models for sale?

Jaguar XK120

Manufactured between 1948 and 1954, the XK120 was the first sports car manufactured by Jaguar since the SS100. Originally meant to be a limited production model, this car's design made it extremely popular and Jaguar had a hard time meeting demand for the XK120. The XK120 was highly coveted when first produced and has remained a favorite of classic car enthusiasts.

Jaguar XK140

Launched in 1954, the XK140 was designed to be successor to the XK120. Many improvements were made to the design, including a more powerful engine, improved steering and more legroom. Though slightly less popular than the XK120, the XK140 was a great successor in terms of performance and design.

Jaguar XK150

The XK140 was replaced by the XK150. The XK150 featured a number of changes to the design and performance improvements. The XK150 was able to exceed 135 MPH and its engine could produce 265 HP. Its leather trim, one-piece windscreen and roomier interiors made the XK150 a very popular redesign of the XK line.

Jaguar E-Type (Series 1, Series 1 1/2, Series 2, Series 3)

First revealed in 1961, the E-Type was a revolutionary development by Jaguar. The bodywork set it apart from anything else that came before it. The E-Type was and continues to be considered one of the most beautifully designed cars in the world. It was not just beautiful, but it was featured formidable performance. The E-Type boasted the ability to reach 150 MPH. This combination has granted the E-Type enduring popularity with car enthusiasts worldwide.

Jaguar XKE

Jaguar SS100

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