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The first Porsche 356 was put into production in Austria in 1948. This classic car is another luxury sports car that is highly recognizable. The Porsche 356 handles incredibly well due to its rear-wheel drive and lightweight body style. The Porsche 356 is a two-door coupe model that was built with a hardtop or an open configuration. Throughout the years that it was in production there were huge leaps in technology that went into the Porsche 356. The advances and innovations that were built into the Porsche 356 make it incredibly popular as a luxury sports car and to collectors. Even though this model was incredibly popular, less than 100,000 were produced and even less survived through the years.

The limited number of Porsche 356 models that were released makes this a very rare and valuable classic car. As it was succeeded by the Porsche 911, collectors from around the world are looking to purchase mint-condition Porsche 356 models. Unlike other collectors, Capital Classic Cars is ready and willing to make a top-dollar offer on a Porsche 356 in any condition. When you call to inquire about selling this classic car we will give you a free quote. We will even arrange for same day payment and pickup to make dealing with Capital Classic Cars much more enjoyable.


The Porsche 911 began production in the early 1960’s to succeed the earlier Porsche 356. Like the 356, the Porsche 911 is a high performance, luxury sports car. It was built with rear-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive, two-doors and independent rear suspension that allows for a smooth drive. The engine is a six-cylinder engine that can produce a lot of power and speed. This model is also one of the most popular racing models in the world. Over the years, this model has undergone technological changes but remains wholly unchanged in appearance. In 1963, the Porsche 911 was produced with an air-cooled engine and in 1967 the dual brake circuits were introduced. Though the technological changes breed a name change, the Porsche 911 is always marketed as a “Porsche 911″ regardless of the internal naming through the company.

Every model and technological advance of the Porsche 911 is in high demand among the classic car collectors. Capital Classic Cars is actively looking for Porsche 911 models that are for sale around the country. We pay top dollar and are even willing to pay and pick up the classic car on the same day. We do not mind what state the Porsche 911 is in, we will make an offer on all classic models. All Porsche 911 models from the 60’s and 70’s are of added interest to Capital Classic Cars.