Q: What type of classic cars do you buy?

A: Capital Classic Cars is interested in a wide variety of American and European classic cars. We are willing to purchase vehicles from the 1920s all the way up to 1970s. We are also interested in vintage and classic cars that fall into the sports-racing or luxury categories.

Q: How do I receive payment for my classic car?

A: Capital Classic Cars wants to ensure that no one has a difficult time working with us. As such, we offer same day payments through bank wire transfer, cashier’s check or cash.

Q: Is there a maximum price for a classic car?

A: Depending on the condition, make, model and year, many different price ranges are expected. We are interested in vintage and classic cars that range from a couple hundred dollars to over a million dollars. A free quote will help determine the maximum price for your specific classic car.

Q: What happens if I don’t own the car, but I find the car?

A: We understand that not everyone owns a classic car. If you do not own a classic car but find a person that is willing to sell their classic car, we will offer you a finder’s fee. This fee is based on the specific vehicle, its condition and its overall value.

Q: Do I need the title for the car?

A: No. We do need to have proof of ownership though. We will not purchase any vintage or classic car without a title or proof of ownership.

Q: Does the car have to pass smog inspection before purchase?

A: No. Capital Classic Cars will take vintage and classic vehicles in any condition. But we will also purchase vehicles that pass smog inspections.

Q: What condition must the car be in before purchase?

A: Any. As vintage and classic car lovers, we will make an offer on a wide variety of classic cars. Whether you have a meticulously kept up classic car or one that has been sitting in the garage for 30 years, we will make an offer.

Q: When will the car leave my property after purchase?

A: Capital Classic Cars will arrange for almost immediate towing. All expenses will be incurred by Capital Classic Cars.

Q: Does Capital Classic Cars purchase out-of-state vehicles?

A: Yes. While we are based in Virginia, we make offers and transport vintage and classic cars all over the United States of America.